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A Blog for a blog’s sake

To keep a regular blog, like most of my goals, is rather ambitious. It calls on the remarked self-discipline that I possess not. Perhaps I’ll find things to write, perhaps I won’t. Perhaps I’ll find time to write things, perhaps I won’t. Probably, I’ll find myself too caught up in other things to reserve a part of my mind for this.

I mean, really. Irregular sleeping patterns. A sign of stress if there ever was one. Even the school principal’s suggested I drop something — namely, student council responsibilities. Am I doing too much? Student council, piano, basketball, basketball officiating, orchestra, jazz combo… My mum seems to think so. Even I wonder — after already having dropped both debating and clarinet from last year.

Nevertheless, I start my blog with the ambition that I’ll be able to maintain it sufficiently for it to be, well, a blog. Maybe I’ll succeed. Maybe I won’t. We can only wait and see.

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