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Unit Standard 8808

I’ve just come to the realisation that I have five days to compile two more reading logs for Unit Standard 8808: "Read an inclusive range of written texts and record the reading experience".

And there’s no denying it: I don’t read books. I occupy myself better lying in bed doing nothing except lying in bed. The last time I entirely voluntarily read a novel from start to finish, that wasn’t a Harry Potter or Artemis Fowl book was… well, I can’t even remember. I don’t even know if I have.

If picking up a book and reading it from cover to cover wasn’t hard enough, my remaining two must contain within them a "cultural perspective" and a text of "high literary merit". High literary merit, it seems, equals novel. Cultural perspective, I’ll have to search for a while to find. This is seeming increasingly impossible by the minute.

I don’t fully understand why our school mandates the completion of this unit standard. When my fourth form English teacher mentioned it, I assumed it was part of the prescribed course of achievement standards. It’s not. It’s just an extra unit standard, offered to provide an extra three credits at the expense of a theoretical thirty hours, presumably for those who need it. Do other schools offer it? Could it not be optional? Do I really have to find a book of this "high literary merit" and force myself to read it?

I guess, perhaps I should. I should "continue to read widely", according to my English teacher, which I guess means, for once in my life, reading something other than perspectives columns and bits of random knowledge. But I dare say I don’t fancy a trip to the library’s fiction section. It’s not my piece of cake.

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