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Green Day has six guitars

Green Day, according to whoever tabbed this version of "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", has six guitars.

I admit, I know almost nothing about artists, but I don’t mind saying that it never occured to me that they had six people, let alone six guitars. When I listen to the song, I can only pick out two guitars, at the most: one clean, one distorted. There are almost certain not six playing at the same time. And, contrary to that tabber’s view, I don’t think there are two guitars that play identical parts, either.

I suppose it’s better than this version, the one I looked at first (having inadvertently overlooked the rating). That tabber arranged his version for one guitar — more reasonable in that sense — managed to hear bar chords going up to the sixth fret.

And, to be perfectly fair, aside from the six guitars, the first version I quoted was pretty accurate. Cheap, too — he claims it is out of a magazine. I could understand that: the notes and rhythm seem to be correct. And there are never more than two simultaneous parts at any one time.

But six guitars? Get real. Even I know better than that (I think).

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