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Technology should be an approved subject

There are thirty-seven approved subjects for university entrance. Among them, as would be expected, are English, mathematics, the sciences both natural and social, commerce subjects and the languages. They also include agriculture and horticulture, art, computing, physical education, computing, graphics, computing, drama and did I mention computing?

All those, and not technology.

At first I thought, that seems fair. Technology’s a vocational subject, I thought. University entrance subjects are meant to be academic, after all.

But the skills in technology are well comparable with those art and graphics and well exceed those in computing. In fact, when you think about it, technology is somewhat academic. Briefs, solutions and development are what engineers, for instance, do — white collar people.

The skilled nature of technology has not gone completely unnoticed: technology is one of the just twenty-seven scholarship subjects. And technology, interestingly, is the only scholarship subject not approved for university entrance. Clearly there is just a small inconsistency here.

Technology’s lack of university entrance approval won’t keep me from taking it; university entrance is the least of my personal concerns. But the authority cannot seriously keep technology, a scholarship subject, from it while computing and agriculture make the list. If anything, it deserves to be on the list more than those.

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