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Sleeping patterns

Ironically, I’m writing this after midnight on the second night before school starts. Earlier than the two o’clock I was sleeping at during the middle of these holidays, perhaps, but still far too late for the second night before school recommences.

And it’s just that: school starts on Monday.  And, having failed to control my sleep pattern over these holidays, I’m in for another term of slowly, but surely, adjusting my sleep pattern so that at the end of the third week I can make school only three minutes late, at the end of the sixth I can get to school just one minute late, and by the time the last week of term comes, I can wake up promptly at half past seven to arrive at school a few minutes before twenty to nine, the time we are expected to be there by.

That is, on the assumption that my sleeping pattern remains regular this term. If the last two terms are anything to go by, in about the third and eighth weeks of this term, my sleeping pattern will become irregular: one night I will suddenly find myself tired at half past eight, and then I find it necessary to take a nap first thing after school, before having a sleepless night until about two, waking up strangely early the following morning but then struggling to keep awake during first period. And that randomness continues — randomly, not necessarily like the above — for a few days.

But pushing that aside, I’ll have to train myself to sleep — and fall asleep — at half past ten to get up early enough the next morning to not have to run to school on hearing the three-minute warning bell (I live sufficiently close to school to hear it). And knowing me, I’ll eventually get it all conquered — just in time for the next holidays.

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