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The end of the mid-year holidays

As the holidays draw to a close, I look over my to-do list. I am a little short of halfway through it.

I’ve done all the homework that shouldn’t have been set for the holidays. That’s a start.

I’ve looked up a few tablatures, and learnt them. I mowed the lawn. I went over my pieces and scales on the piano, though my fingers are now weaker than they were to begin these holidays. I visited the electronics workshop and made some decent progress. And I’ve done other things which I’ve now forgotten, as I realise the items I’ve crossed out on my to-do list were all important like homework. Hmm. Perhaps I’ve spent my holidays doing nothing.

Well, in any case, my plan worked, just like it has for the past three holidays. I keep myself busy with an overly-long to-do list, and everything goes just fine. Until, towards the end, I realise that I won’t get a chance to do some of these things — namely, hobbies — until next holidays.

When the term starts in about ten hours, things will pile up again and the remains of that to-do list will lay forgotten at the bottom of my "Tasks" list on Microsoft Outlook, marked low priority. It seems like the holidays have just started. They should be longer.

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  1. Julian #

    what insgtrument do you playt b sides th piano?

    24 July 2005

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