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Subject options 2006

For the first time in my three years at this school so far, I don’t think I’ll be handing in my options form in on the very last day.

In third form (for fourth form options), it took me until quite literally the final seconds to decide between graphics and electronics & control technology — I chose graphics, and then dropped it for technology in the fifth week of my fourth form year. My selections that year also involved planning what subjects I would take, hopefully, until I would leave school.

In fourth form, having dropped graphics, my plan changed and this time I would be choosing between chemistry and music: I chose chemistry, then with this selection I had to seek permission from the principal to take two advanced sciences (the other being physics). And, with that, the subjects I planned to take until I would leave school changed, almost entirely. That year, I handed in my options form after the due date.

But this year, everything seems to have gone okay. I’ve already chosen four of my options (English, electronics & control technology, chemistry and physics), which leaves one — the troublemaker — but I think this year’s decision can be finalised within a couple of days.

This last decision lies between French and a post-seventh-form mathematics course. The course I don’t take I will end up trying to complete at home, in order to continue with it in seventh form.

My plan that I made during fourth form was to complete French out of class, and do the maths course in class. But French seems so much harder, and probably benefits more from class time (to gain fluency), and I’ve learnt that dropping a less-favourite subject isn’t such a good thing (a better subject will happily fill its place). And, the maths course runs only from April to September, which I will probably find easier to complete at home than French anyway. Taking all this, I’m now leaning towards French.

So essentially, I’ve made all five choices within the first day — a remarkable achievement, considering previous years. I just hope that nothing more will happen that delays it till the final seconds again.

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