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Early school leavers

I have a theory: those who leave school after year twelve, thinking they’ll be a year ahead, will only end up dying a year early.

Okay, so it makes no immediate logical sense. And I admit, not everyone (to say the least) believes me. But just think about it.

These people who leave school a year early and go to university a year early will graduate a year early. And everything about them will be a year ahead. They’ll find a partner a year early, marry a year early, get a job and climb that little bit higher a year early. They will have their first child a year early, and if applicable their remaining children a year early. They will retire one year early as they will be prepared to retire one year early. Then, their life clock having been set a year forward, that unfortunate something will happen to them that will mean they move on one year early.

This year early refers to a year earlier than they would have had they not left school early, not necessarily a year earlier than everyone else. And it only applies to those who carry on to university — those who leave school after year twelve to train in a vocational field don’t count.

Anyway, my reasoning in short is that by gaining a year, they seal, shall we say fate, if you would, to have them gone a year ahead too. So they won’t really gain a year. They won’t truly be a year ahead. They’ll just be in the year above the rest of us — no difference once graduated from university.

Then it follows that there’s nothing really to gain from leaving school after year twelve. Those who do could, I guess, bask in the glory of having entered medicine from sixth form. But then they’ll just be one of the year above. There’s nothing truly special about it. They’ll just merge in as if they were a year older. And then that’s what they’ll be — a year older.

(No, I do not include myself in this group. I especially worded it so it refers to people who leave after year twelve, not twelve years. And anyway, there’s nothing to miss from skipping a year of primary school. It’s not the same as seventh form.)

(For those that don’t know, New Zealand has thirteen years of schooling; sixth form is the same as year twelve and seventh form is the same as year thirteen.)

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  1. 品涵 #

    wow~u really type a lotby the wayim a chinese from Taiwando u know Taiwannothing…just c ur spacen want 2 leave a messagen i think we r in the same agethats all

    31 July 2005

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