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A failure on national radio

I heard this on ZM tonight. The deejay was asking some guy about New Zealand. I didn’t manage to catch who, or why. I don’t remember it word for word, but it went something like this:

Jacqui: Who is our prime minister who, kindly, looks a little bit a man?

Caller: Umm… I don’t know.

Stables: (exclamation of disappointment)

Jacqui: It’s Helen Clark. Helen Clark.

Caller: Oh, okay.

Jacqui: Now, what is the name of the really tall tower in Auckland that you can jump off, and you can also lose lots of money.

Caller: Umm… I don’t know.

Jacqui: It’s the Sky Tower.

Caller: Okay, didn’t know that.

Jacqui: Now, what is the capital of New Zealand?

Caller: Errr… is it Auckland?

Jacqui: Wellington.

Caller: Auckland or Wellington

Jacqui: Wellington! Yeah. Who was last year’s winner of New Zealand Idol?

Caller: Umm… I don’t know that.

Stables: (exclamation of disappointment)

Jacqui: It was Ben Lummis.

Caller: Ben Lummis, okay.

Jacqui: Now whose picture is on our five-dollar note?

Caller: Ummm, there’s a picture on it — I dunno — the Queen?

Jacqui: Someone who climbed a really tall mountain?

Caller: Umm… I don’t know

Jacqui: It was Sir Edmund Hillary.

Caller: Oh.

Half a question right, according to Stables; zero according to Jacqui. I knew all these when I was in primary school. Shocking.


added 5 September 2005

Listening to the station another night, I realised that they were testing Australians on New Zealand knowledge. So I suppose, to some extent, this guy can be excused. But it’s still shocking. I know both Australia’s capital and prime minister.

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    rofl. lol. lmao. roflmao

    1 September 2005

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