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Very Not Achieved

This year, blank scripts in NCEA papers will be marked as "not attempted", to accurately reflect that some students do not attempt papers in order to, for example, focus on others.

In a way, this makes sense. NCEA is fragmented, and aggregations are based on standards that were achieved (not failed); many candidate therefore do leave scripts blank, and we may as well have a grade to show this.

The code for this, for some reason, is "V". I cannot figure out what this stands for. "E" stands for excellence, "M" stands for merit, "A" stands for achievement and "N" stands for not achieved. But clearly, they can’t use "N" for not attempted.

But why "V"? It could mean very not achieved, the perfect mark for someone who didn’t attempt a paper. Or very very not achieved. Or very very very not achieved. Or "vacant", because the paper is well, not occupied, if you kind of see what I’m getting at…

Or it could just mean "void". I guess that works well enough. But "very not achieved" sounds better, don’t you think?

This affects me because it is unlikely I will be able to complete the entire level 1 English exam within the allotted three hours, and therefore may have to consider very-not-achieving a paper.

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