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Chemically dehydrated

What an interesting exam. And aside from getting dehydrated halfway through the exam, I’d say it went okay — not brilliantly — just okay.

The scariest part was when some freak got up and left early. This wasn’t just any early — this was after 105 minutes. 105 minutes. At this time, I was halfway through the reaction principles paper, the third of four papers in this exam. One paper lay yet untouched on my desk, and here I was watching the first person leave the room before two hours had passed… that came with some amazement.

Then, about two hours through, dehydration started kicking in and I quickly slowed down. Note to self: drink more than one glass of water before an exam. I guess when the principal said six glasses of water he was right.

I had come into this exam with a strategy, formed based on my experience with examinations thus far. It was, for every line provided, write a line and a half. I managed to do it for some questions. For the organic paper, I wrote two pages extra for three questions (in total). One of them took me a whole extra page because I wanted to show the examiner that if I couldn’t write a decent answer, I knew what I was doing… hopefully he’ll see something in it. (Okay, it was a whole lot of crap. But it was logical crap, okay?)

I had written extra for the bonding paper too; but I didn’t manage to pull off the line-and-a-half rule (it was most important for this paper). I did give a fairly detailed explanation of why CO2 is a non-polar molecule; to go further I’d have to start including definitions, I just hope it was enough.

Thankfully, though, I finished, and with twenty minutes to spare. Not seventy-five minutes, like that freak I mentioned above, just twenty. Not quite enough time to do a thorough check, but time enough to make sure I’d answered all the questions.

Well, even if I’m doomed for failure now, there’s nothing I can do about it — so there’s no point worrying about this, I’ll just sit back, relax, and start stressing about this French exam.

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  1. Unknown #

    Wow what\’s the chance.Hey was just reading through recently edited spaces and cam across yours.I\’m so envious that you have a french exam. I gave french up after third form after it being my best subject all year, I fully regret it now. But damn i wish they split up the exams I do at level 1, I\’m still doing the general science, but I do want to do chemistry next year.Well C U.

    23 November 2005
  2. Unknown #

    sorry came, not cam

    23 November 2005

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