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2006 External Examination Timetable

This year’s exams haven’t even finished yet, and next year’s examination timetable has been released.

Early, yes, very early; though I guess it’s a good thing. Already, I can stress out about having five examinations in the first week, for next year.

I guess there might’ve been a fair bit of pressure to get these things released early, so schools can make decisions about calendars, perhaps.

The scholarship examinations for next year are spread out nicely throughout the exam period, not all clumped at the end like this year. While doing this last year resulted in lots of clashes, I’m sure for next year they’ve thought it all through and clashes won’t be a bit problem.

The result of this, of course, is that the exam period is much shorter — it lasts just three weeks (as opposed to four weeks). It begins on 20 November and finishes on 9 December — so it starts a week later than this year, which is understandable because so does the beginning of the school year.

The worst part about this timetable is that French and English are on the same day — the second year in a row I’ll have to sit English as the second exam in the same day. This year, it didn’t go too well, with the sore arm and the tiredness and everything; French exams tend to be completed much faster than calculus ones, and next year at least it won’t be a clash, so I’ll have a better opportunity to relax between the exams.

The 2006 examination timetable can be found on the NZQA website.

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