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Croque Monsieur

I am by no means at all a food critic, in fact, quite the contrary. But a meal I had today cannot go on uncommented. I accept, it may be that I am not acquainted with the sort of food, not caring, never willing to, and having never before. But I cannot refrain from writing about this.

It was one of those meals where you leave the side salad till last, not because you dread eating it, but because it’s the best part. The croque monsieur, which costed me $9.90, consisted of two pieces of french toast with mushrooms, cheese and a slice of ham, and of course the side salad.

I’m not a particular mushroom fan, but it didn’t matter here for I couldn’t taste any of it. It was overridden by the seemingly excessive amount of cheese and, I suspect, a generous (to say the least) helping of salt on each toast — three-quarters way through it, I was sickened somewhat; if it weren’t for my assisting drink the consequences may have been worse.

It didn’t help that the ham was practically impossible to cut through with my plastic fork and knife, and therefore I had to remove it and place it aside. It was more or less dried ham; while it was not so strong as the cheese, by the time I had finished there was still two-thirds of a slice that I couldn’t finish. Nevertheless, even without the ham, my fork and knife struggled to battle the toast. My trusty plastic fork had a prong break halfway through my second toast, which of course didn’t help either.

It was very much forced down; I was reluctant to leave it unfinished. While I don’t want to sound too critical of it, I would be downright lying to say I liked the meal in the slightest. Next time, Burger King’s right next door.

I ate this at the foodcourt in Westfield Downtown; this meal was bought from Café Francais.

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