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Laziness prevails, productivity gives way

By no means have I nothing to do these holidays. Aside from preparing for an upcoming mathematics camp, I also need to study music theory and some beginning programming. Long-postponed ambitions such as improving — or rather, obtaining a degree of — personal fitness, and learning to swim (as well as computer programming and juggling four balls) are once again shoved aside as these other tasks take precedence.

Priorities may momentarily seem disproportionate; I assure you this is not the case. The first three tasks involve some sort of deadline: the music theory will be tested in both Royal Schools and national school examinations; programming is part of next year’s electronic and control technology program and the prepartory work is expected to be completed before the summer passes. The mathematics camp is in the third week of January.

It seems unlikely, however, that even these three assignments will be completed. Perhaps it is the result of a long, hard year; or maybe the mere fact that it is, after all, the long break and my mind inadvertently wanders elsewhere: I have spent more hours unproductively lying around than I have working towards those goals.

I have not, for example, so much as started the twelve mathematics problems we were given to work on. I have read about one-quarter of the mathematics toolchest booklet, stopped, admittedly, by the parts that bored me. Now that — that is one sentence I, and I’m sure many, had never thought I’d say.

Music theory has taken an equivalent ignorance; programming has found but one hour of my time in almost two weeks.

Even though I’m not doing anything, there is a marked difference between now and the period before this year’s physics exam: now, I know I’m meant to be doing something.

But I’m not doing it. I’m barely doing anything. How can I be so lazy? It’s not as if I’m caught up in other things — I really just don’t feel like doing anything. Even though I have things to do — incidentally, they are all interests of mine.

Maybe the result of laziness — boredom — will creep in and productivity will prevail again… I guess only time will tell.

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