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New Year’s, 2006

May your troubles in the New Year be as short-lived as your resolutions.


My (makeshift) resolution for 2005 was indeed shortlived, giving way after a mere two months. The dental floss lay all too forgotten for the remainder of the year, except for one or two occasions, one of which was the night before my first dentist appointment in three years.

I don’t really know what this year’s will be. My long-abandoned list of ambitions continues to grow. My characteristic wishlist adds to it.

I could gain an initial degree of discipline, or learn to take breaks; gain a degree of physical fitness, get self-disciplined; be nicer, or kinder, or more disciplined; or perhaps have a healthier degree of self-confidence (more or less, probably less), or pay more (or less) attention to friends, or find some self-discipline.

A long-overdue gain of an ability to swim would be highly useful. Learning C++ or to juggle probably isn’t worth trying. Finding competence in literature study might be wise, or for that matter, the (overdue) ability to speak my second (ancestral) language. Perhaps it would be worth getting out and about a bit more. Or meeting more people. Remembering names of those in my classes, preferably within the first term.

Alternatively, I could try to do all of these things. Or none of them. To be perfectly honest, I can’t be bothered with a New Year’s resolution. I’m too lazy, as I’ve always been, to make a real commitment.

Then again, New Year’s resolutions aren’t real commitments, are they?

Who cares? Why bother? Commitments take work and effort.

May any troubles that find you in the coming year be as short-lived as your resolutions.

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