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Maths Camp 2006

I guess I could, if I wanted, provide a detailed summary of my experience and incompetencies at this year’s maths camp. I did, however, tactfully provide my e-mail address, and hence a link to here, to many of those at the camp who, unlike me, made the squad and I shan’t subject them nor, for that matter, anyone else to such uninteresting ramblings like how, try as I might, my progress in the final examination was limited to the first half-hour.

Rather, I might find it wiser to focus on my performance in tenpin bowling — where I gained a first-time score of 110 — the one instance during the entire camp in which I was above average.

I won’t pretend I’m not happy with that score, I mean, it was the second highest score of the students there. Beginner’s luck, most likely, but who cares? If I don’t tenpin bowl for the rest of my life, my lowest and average score will remain happy, and needn’t halve itself due to it being, well, my second time.

I learnt to play pool while I was there, and I won’t claim to have benefited from the same luck as that with tenpin bowling; though there were three occasions where I found my way to the eight ball, losing each by sinking the white.

I can also proudly claim to be a member of the winning team in a series of events that included soccer, innovative problem solving, and a library search. And boy, did I think we were doomed after that last soccer game. But somehow, I don’t remember how, we pulled out in the end, by a half-point.

And, I pulled off my first all-nighter. Okay, fine, it wasn’t quite done fully; I went to sleep at sunrise and slept through breakfast. But I spent the night part awake.

And that’s about it. My list of achievements ends there. I could, of course, focus the rest of this entry towards my exploration of Christchurch, its, well, un-interesting-ness (sorry, Christchurch), and getting lost on my way back to the school (yes, I did ask for directions, and yes, I did get there in the end).

But it’s too tempting. I sucked. I found problems too often impossible. I don’t know what it was, I don’t know why, I don’t know how or what to blame, in fact, I don’t know, full stop.

There. I said it, hopefully without whining too much. Now that that’s out of the way, don’t get me wrong, I had the most brilliant time in Christchurch, and it was heaps of fun even if I didn’t get much. In fact, what I anticipated would be a long week was quite the opposite, and we were flying back to Auckland before I knew it. Yep, maths camp was fun, yes, it was indeed.

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  1. 昱(miyo) #

    Come on, be happy!U r not the only one who miss the camp deadly!^_^

    23 January 2006
  2. Qinxin #

    well…….(looking up the dictionary now)i don\’t think it\’s a full stop but another start, not because i had been selected but somehow just a feeling…i used to think i could quit after the camp but i couldn\’t,(i have said this before),since you love maths, so you can make it done as well, maths is a long term thing which could cost you your whole life,as long as you want to……anyway, i got some good news(i went back to the Tae Kwon Do club, just fantastic) and some bad news as well,i have to break my trip into pieces cause my pal doesn\’t prepare to pay the acomodation fee…well..hence we can only play around Auckland

    23 January 2006

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