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Examination results

There is, as is the case when results notices arrive, some talk about exam results. Well, I’ll be fair, I’ve not been asked much and I am very, very happy for it to stay that way.

Those who know me well enough know that I hate nothing more than to be asked about a recent examination result. Hell, I don’t like to be anywhere near discussions about it. The hype horrifies me.

There are comparisons, there are people who scored better than others, and therefore people who scored worse. There are stories of expectations and pretendingly unexpected successes. There are congratulations and consolations, envy and shame, satisfactions and disappointments. There are fast-flying stories of people who exceeded or failed predictions. There is excitement. There is buzz. There is that atmosphere where practically nothing else is important. There is, in a nutshell, exam hype.

I won’t go ahead and say this is insane, or unjustified, or crazy or stupid or anything like that. People compare, people compete, people give a damn about what other people got.

I’m just not one of them. Maybe, after the exam hype’s died down, I’ll happily discuss the topic with a few others. But while people are still using exam results as a conversation starter, or people are conspicuously parading their achievements in their display name, I’ll keep to myself.

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  1. Qinxin #

    so, shall i keep my mouth shut??as well???avoiding is actually equivalent to escaping!
    so, if you don\’t want to disappoint yourself and keep being satisfied, then keep silence as usual!

    27 January 2006
  2. Lucas #

    bullshit u r not one of them

    28 January 2006

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