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Some summer holiday

Judging by my lack of progress on the various assignments I had outlined in December, it would seem reasonable to say that I’ve instead had a good break and am now fresh for the new school year, which starts tomorrow.

However, somehow, I’ve managed to achieve neither. Music theory lays almost untouched, bar a page or two. Programming has achieved a similar amount of attention. I have not once looked at my new piano scales syllabus, nor have I even obtained a copy of the prescribed examination pieces.

Nevertheless, I am not ready to tackle the upcoming year. My only reason to look forward to tomorrow, which is almost strong enough to counter my unpreparedness, is that I will once again see all my schoolmates.

I cannot explain why. My best reasoning is that this is the type of thing that shouldn’t be reasoned, but grudgingly accepted.

It remains, though, that I need a longer break. Interesting, how three weeks ago I was complaining about how long the holidays are.

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    never ever ever say that the holidays are too long.

    7 February 2006

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