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Swimming Carnival

Who cares? Not many, clearly, judging by this year’s attendance. If anything, there seems to be a consensus that the swimming carnival is something to be ignored outright, where chickening out is normal and participants are the minority.

By my calculations, there are an average of about 58 people per house per year. There were about twelve present from my house in year twelve. What of the other 40?

There is a simple reason Silver House won. The scores speak for themselves: first in each of years nine through eleven, I don’t know about the other two — they were willing to get in the pool and walk the width. Their swimming ability is probably a different story. But they were there, and when the other houses had run out of people, they were still going.

The margin between Jade and Silver was three points. It would not have been so little if our top swimmers had not fared so well in the championships. On the other hand, if two more people had turned up, the entire result could have changed.

Okay, house spirit aside. What disincentive is there for people to turn up? Allergic reactions to water are almost unheard of.

Rather, there is the chance to watch a sizable group of girls (or boys) in their togs. That could not possibly be argued as a downside.

There is also the atmosphere, the wading through the water once or twice, and for heaven’s sake, skipping a class to get involved and have some fun in an event that should have brought the school together.

Is is a reflection of house spirit, of our attitude to water in a water-surrounded country, or of anything that involves a sense of community? What a shame that so many people think this event’s not for them.

The group that, due to their subject course, did not have a period in which they could go to the carvinal, were not referred to in this blog.

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  1. Jeremy #

    alim came…and he had calc

    26 February 2006
  2. Excelsior #

    Maybe the fear of wading through what is in effect a communal petri dish? Plus if you have it last period, it\’s often preferable to go home instead of stay at school.

    26 February 2006
  3. Byul #

    \’Silver\’ house is \’Ngata\’. And walking across the width of the pool is like, so boring. Seeing some people in their togs is sometimes not a good thing. *shudder*

    12 March 2006

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