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Macleans’ premature announcement

Oh, my, God, Macleans College sweeped not one but two of New Zealand’s top eight secondary school awards. But, people aren’t meant to know that yet. Or, at the very least, details weren’t meant to be released to the media more than a month before the national presentation ceremony in April.

Macleans College appeared to be itching a little too much to keep it down for another month. Dying, absolutely dying to tell the world of their success story. Rather than let attention be drawn to them, they decided, no, that’s just not enough — they had to draw attention to themselves, without the slightest delay.

The Qualifications Authority wasn’t too happy about it. When the New Zealand Herald asked them for details of the other eight, they refused to tell. You see, the announcement of New Zealand’s top scholars for 2006 is meant to be a national announcement, for the Authority itself, reserved for a special occasion in the Parliament buildings in Wellington.

Macleans’ press release does not show a modest school that is humbly proud of their students’ achievements. It shows a thirst for limelight that even Auckland Grammar doesn’t come kind of close to. Their release proudly heads, "Macleans College Again Gains Top Awards". Its subtitle reiterates the supposed repetition, making very clear that the college "has again been identified as a school of high academic achievement".

The facts were given no chance to speak for themselves. A statement had to be made for them. A statement that thrust the facts — which would have been quite capable of fulfilling their roles independantly — head-first into the open world, a month premature. To be proud of such a remarkable achievement is one thing; to advertise it so blatantly is quite another.

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  • The award referred to, the Premier Award, is awarded to the top five to ten candidates in the NZ Scholarship examinations. Macleans College is an East Auckland co-educational state school and is one of New Zealand’s top secondary schools. This blog is an exaggeration of the author’s (who does not attend Macleans College) view.

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