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Why I can’t creatively write

I have, once again, hit a brick wall. Brick walls, for some reason, always seem to be at the start line, before any progress is made and before any momentum has been gained. But, well, that’s where I am now.

Put another way, I’m still completely blank as to what character to write about come Tuesday. Which sucks.

In a way, it shows me that, however well I know the people around me, I still can’t write about them. It could mean that we’re all boring people (sorry, everyone); though more likely, a lack of observance on my part.

This brick wall, however, is not an unusual thing. I have never before successfully completed an assessment or assignment in English, that involves creation rather than analysis, without having to labour to get past that barrier, namely, the selection of a topic.

My technique of brainstorming no less than fifty possibilities doesn’t work for this kind of thing though; at least, I haven’t managed to get it to work for me in this, as I have with other assessments.

To say the least, I’m becoming frustrated, though I suppose stressing over a natural inability is crying over spilt milk.

The assessment referred to here is AS90375 (English 2.1), "Produce crafted and developed creative writing".

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    obviously, u hve no imagination wat so ever.

    19 March 2006

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