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Reasonable neglection

Wow. Hasn’t this space been neglected. It’s now been, what, almost a month since my last post?

It’s not as if I haven’t had anything to write about. There’s been heaps. For starters, there was the Easter Tournament, which didn’t get one entry here. As I write, there sits a half-completed draft in this space, which is a recount of the tournament. Long story short, I had a brilliant time there, not least to get away from Auckland immediately after quite possibly the most stressful week I’ve faced yet. And the tournament was brilliant, well organised and everything, except for the referees we had in our games against Wellington, what you’d expect from Wellington on home soil, I guess. And I had an interesting ten-pin bowling scorecard, and I caught a cold during the trip, and I had an interesting time keeping myself fed while I was there. However, there comes a time where the timing of the post passes — the tournament is so long ago that it is no longer appropriate to post a blog entry on it — and given that Easter was a full two-and-a-half weeks ago, it’s fair to say that that time was a good while back.

You see, I would have written blog entries while I was there — the backpackers’ accommodation, which was also commendable, had Internet facilities on these rather old-looking computer that took ten minutes to boot up. However, on the first night my password expired and I had to change it, and on the second night, I forgot what it was. And I had conveniently forgotten to change my alternate e-mail address before I switched ISPs. So I was locked out of my account for the duration of Easter, and it took me a further week to find my way back in.

I do not intend to start an extended account of my encounters with stress in the past month, including the holidays. I should think it sufficient to say that I had lots of assessments during the last weeks of term, conveniently all either in my weak subjects or the most impossible standard there ever was; and that I was lucky enough during the holidays to have three assignments to complete, a novel I had to read, and three production rehearsals to attend. And that I wasn’t coping well.

Thus, my reasoning for neglecting this space for so long. There have been many topics which I would have liked to write about, but failed to find any spare time for them, and many of them, for one reason or another, have lapsed into the "too late" zone, and, sadly, will remain there.

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