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One year of a blog’s sake: in review

One year, one blog, eighty-one entries, probably somewhere upwards of twenty-five thousand words. A blog for a blog’s sake, with no real purpose, just to, well, exist.

It was this day last year when I created this space. I call it a "blog" because I don’t use the rest of the space, like photos or music lists. It’s been a year where the blog shaped itself into what it has become, and gave me a small idea of what a blog of mine would look like. It has not, by any means, had a consistent shape for each of the past fifty-two weeks. To the contrary, it has seen many changes.

In this blog’s year-long life, entries have grown in length from around 250 words to around 500, give or take. Whilst it started with random comments about random things, like how someone transcribed "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" for six guitars, and my problem with my TV/FM tuner card (which still hasn’t been fixed), the year saw the blog move increasingly into current events. The blog has always been open to the public, and I have never been inclined to provide a detailed account of my personal life or myself. I have, occasionally, written about certain aspects of recent experiences, notably those on the 2005 external examinations and a theft on a busy street in broad daylight that I witnessed, but they have generally become outnumbered by other topics, or should I say, rants.

My first true rant came on the fifth of October, two-and-a-half months after I opened the blog. I can still remember a tinge of nervousness in what would come from writing about how “intelligent design” is just creationism in disguise. However, whatever reactions might have occured were, with two exceptions, kept off paper, and from that point onwards, my rants became more frequent, touching on things such as the airline paedophile incident and the acceptance of "Kiwi" as an official ethnicity for the 2006 census.

I have, through the year, written a fair quantity of entries (fourteen) about my takes on the NCEA: enough for them to merit their own category. For those that don’t know, I have a stack of articles and bits of paper, enough to fill a ringbinder, which when put together tell the story of the secondary school qualification reform. For me, it has been one of the most interesting—and annoying—debates of the decade. I have written for some aspects and against others: while I would never support a reversion to Bursary, there is a hell of a lot I would change.

The past year has also seen changes in the structure of MSN spaces, from the URL change to those horoscopes and weather things you see down the left-hand side of the main page. They’re not there because I’m obsessed with horoscopes, they’re only there as space-fillers (honest). There was also a point where I decided to not use spaces around em dashes (—) and to use curly quotation marks (“”) rather than straight ones (""), not that anyone would care…

Eighty-one blogs means that I have posted an average of one every four-and-a-half days. The blogs have not always been at regular intervals, with some periods of rather low activity, but my blog has been fairly regularly kept. Therefore, I can say that I have successfully, albeit marginally, kept a blog for one year. Who would’ve known? A further year, I think, will be a bit harder…

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  1. Ming #

    congratz and keep going.

    20 July 2006

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