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“Lonely” actress did no wrong

Jessica Rose may have upset a few thousand people with her videos as “Bree” by being a fake. Those people should get a life. Rose was doing what an actor does: entertaining an audience. Did she succeed? Most certainly. Deceitfully? Perhaps, but that shouldn’t be an issue. Her real identity may have been kept secret for a while, and people may have been fooled, but ultimately, it’s just a series of videos on the internet.

In fact, the fact that so many people were shocked enough to feel horribly deceived shows the influence the internet has had on our society. Socialising on the internet is great, but socialising nowhere else isn’t. There was never a guarantee that everyone on YouTube was legitimate. Sympthasise with these people I can, but really, there comes a point where they’re just taking it too seriously and should get over it. If they’re put off by fakes, then don’t watch it anymore! And, honestly, get a life. The rest of us will gladly follow “lonelygirl15”’s tales with intrigue and entertainment.

The videos were not a scam. She was not “lying”. Did she ever say she was real, or that she was telling a real story? Did she even say her videos were based on a true story? No, she didn’t—though she may have just kept quiet about it. It should have been obvious. The editing, the little sped-up bits, the music over it… not a giveaway, as it is possible to do all that with Windows Movie Maker, but at the very least, suspicious. I mean, it’s a lot of time someone would have to spend to do that, isn’t it?

No, not a liar, she is not; she was making a series of videos, and they merely documented some of the issues that teenagers, homeschooled if it may be, face. They reach out, they intrigue, they make people nod in agreement or comment in sympathy or whatever it may be. Does it really matter that much if she’s not a real person? The comments can be a mixture of views as to what someone in Bree’s position should or shouldn’t do. Anyway, it’s not like she conned fifteen thousand people into donating a hundred dollars each to some unknown cause.

Rather, she demonstrated a talent in acting, and one that should be celebrated, not comdemned. One that made for an interesting user on YouTube, and moreover, one that should not be ignored. People who went to her channel to watch videos were, I bet anything, after entertainment, not some new internet friend, and entertainment is what they got. I, along with many of those who left comments on her account, wish her a successful career in acting. New Zealand should be proud.

Anyway, now that we know she’s just an actress, the project carries even more interest. It is a film project about teenagehood, and a good one, and long may it continue without disclaimer or interruption. Those of us who have lives will not be turned away.

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    I had not seen any of lonelygirl15’s videos prior to hearing about it on the news.

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