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One month gone, and $10 with it

My monthly spending on my mobile phone has reached a new high.

I could blame, perhaps, the demise of Free TXT Weekends, which limited my spending to five dollars a month.  Now, I’m committed (well, voluntarily committed) giving up ten dollars on the eighth day of each month, for a bunch of two thousand text messages at my disposal.  As the second period for me starts today, I am now twenty dollars poorer than I was two months ago (which, for me, is a lot).

I do suppose I shouldn’t complain about it; if I really wanted to be so conservative with my mobile use, I would have refrained from it in the first place.  A limit of 1.6 messages a day, however, seemed unlikely, and it seemed far more economical to give in the Vodafone’s giant promotional campaign.  So, I took a deep breath, shut my eyes, crossed my fingers, dived in and hoped for the best.  (What “best” I was hoping for, I’m not exactly sure.)  There is no better description of the consequences than a line of Vodafone’s marketing campaign: “It’ll change the way you’ll look at your mobile!”  Indeed, it committed an essential reform of my mobile use habits.  My sister did warn me mobile phones were a money drain.  Now I’ve been sucked in.

The rather over-sized limit resulted in a conscious carelessness with my text messaging use, which resulted in my sending a total of 668 text messages in my first month of TXT2000.  Just quietly, I’m almost quite proud of myself: while I did not make it to the halfway mark, I well surpassed the five-hundred barrier that Telecom imposes on its customers, a sign that the dive was worthwhile after all.  Did I need to send all 668 of those messages?  Probably not; if you wanted to be picky about it you could probably go as far as to say 600 of them could have been avoided, though to be fair, only a handful were completely pointless.

The next question is if I’ll be able to outdo 668 messages in the coming month.  The question a bit further down is if I’ll be able to cancel TXT2000 as the 2007 school year starts, as I’ve been planning to, to avoid depriving myself of 120 dollars a year.  I know the answers to neither of those questions.  Predictions welcome.

Please try to remember that this space is open to public viewing, and yes, if you understood what that means, it is aimed at you.

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  1. Alice #

    Complaining and blaming is bad *tsktsk*
    Hehe ohwell at least you were better controlled than me… I was down to 38txts remaining 6 days before my reset *eek* and it was especially silly since it was during exam season.
    I\’m sure you\’re willing to spent $120 a year hehe (even if it\’s to just txt me – cause I\’m just so awesome ^^ haha just joking!)

    8 December 2006
  2. Klodianemperor #

    Black holes tend to be rather hard to see on accounts that they do not emit or reflect any light. However, mobile phone companies seem to have mastered the art of making the next best thing… They just suck money up. Good on you for sending so many txts though… it makes it somewhat more economical. The Ministry of Communications only managed…well that isn\’t important. Just bad P.R. I suspect that you may find it hard not to pay $120 a year though…

    9 December 2006

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