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Technorati and Windows Live Writer

The observant will have noticed the tags I’ve added to the bottom of my last few posts.  I’ve now claimed this blog on Technorati, the big blog watcher that keeps an eye on some 63.2 million blogs.  I’m a bit far down the rankings according to my blog page (2,380,838th equal last time I checked, and that’s the bottom place), but it’s a start.  Hopefully, one day, it will begin to move up, maybe to 2,380,837th or even higher, as readership begins to climb.  Maybe.  Possibly.

It seems a bit much to hope for, perhaps, to make a mark in an ever-growing internet world.  But I didn’t begin a blog with the intention of it being a sitting duck.  Well, to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when I started blogging, but I did hope, at least, to make something of it.  After 17 months and 117 blogs, this is the next step.  To describe it as “publicity” would be totally inaccurate, but maybe, just maybe, someone will stumble on it in their search or browse of Technorati.  Maybe some other blogger will even be nice enough to link to mine.

If I really want this to happen, though, I know I’ll need to do more than hope someone will notice me.  What goes around comes around, and I’ll have to start noticing other blogs.  I only ever recall linking to one blog, and that was in my fourth blog ever, on the IEC binary prefixes.  I’ve been somewhat blind to the true spirit of the internet so far, perhaps, though let’s be fair, how many blogs do link to others?  For now, I’m just one of 60.8 million blogs that are orphans.  I’m not alone.

Then again, most authoritative weblogs have a theme of some sort, which would make mine particularly disadvantaged.  A fair few of my blogs aren’t exactly accessible to the wider population, for instance, some of the ones about school.  But you never know, right?  We’ll see what happens.

Windows Live Writer (Beta)

I almost feel as if I’ve done a disservice by not writing about Windows Live Writer so far.  It makes blogging a hell of a lot easier than having to log in and wait for each page to load.  Now I can edit in paragraphs without going into HTML mode, and I can save half-completed blogs on my computer!  While I’m on the topic, I might mention that Windows Live Writer has inbuilt support for Technorati tags too.  Does it start to sound like I’m endorsing the product?  Well, I must say, it’s made blogging considerably easier, but I guess there’s not that much for me to write about it.

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