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Another day, Christmas Day

Well, it’s quarter to five on Christmas Day and I’m in front of a computer.  What better way is there to spend it?  Clearly, I’ve got nothing particularly exciting today, or at least, not until tonight.

Christmas isn’t a particularly exciting time for me, but don’t get me wrong; I’m not a cynic.  I’m not going to sit here and rant about how Christmas is a sore excuse to overspend or overindulge or how it’s too commercialised.  If anything, an annual (annual, not monthly) excuse to overspend or overindulge is probably a good thing, and so what if it is commercialised?  There’s nothing wrong with the traditions associated with Christmas.  They’re still fun.  I just don’t get that excited by them.

But still, ultimately, today’s just another day.  I woke up late, as you do in the holidays, I made pancakes, had a little play on the piano, and now I’m here.  Okay, granted, for those who believe, there are added implications of today’s being Christmas Day.  But all in all, celebrations and services aside, the sun rises and sets in exactly the same way, the chance of it raining is the same, and, well, apart from it being a statutory holiday and all the shops being closed and people making a big fuss over it, it’s just another day.

Of course, having no extended family that I’m not separated from by a large body of water might contribute to the absence of specialness.  We have a Christmas tree; it’s four feet tall; and we once sang carols on this day, though that practice has given way.  We prepare a special dinner, of course; who couldn’t on Christmas Day?  Though it’s not that special, and it’s not especially extravagant either.  And I like getting presents (who doesn’t).

It is a rather difficult task; writing a piece about the nothingness of something.  Thus, after pressing again that I don’t take a cynical view, just an unhyped one, I shall finish writing there.

A Merry Christmas to you.

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