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Two months gone, and another $10 with it

The conscious carelessness seems to be wearing off.  Last month’s ten dollars was spent in exchange for just 416 text messages; down from 668 in the first month of Vodafone’s TXT2000 promotion.  While it is still well above the 50 messages that would normally be bought with ten dollars, it represents a 38 per cent drop on the first month of Vodafone’s latest response to Telecom’s $10TXT promotion.

What we are seeing here is the transformation of a carelessness to a lack of care.  Whereas the newfound freedom of the first month resulted an inclination to take advantage of it, the second month was not nearly as exciting as the first.  Hence, from the initial use-as-many-as-you-can, focus turned to other, more important, matters.  Put bluntly, I have a life outside my mobile phone.

It seems, therefore, more likely that this third month of TXT2000 will, as planned, be my final month in the plan.  Needless to say, my prepay balance has dropped considerably over the past two months and a day.  The amount of room remaining for it to drop grows thin, and in the event that I venture beyond a third month of this money drain, it is more likely that the add-on will be cancelled for me before I have a chance to cancel it.

Vodafone’s promise that “it’ll change the way you’ll look at your mobile!” remains, nonetheless, in tact.  The fact remains that the conservatism I practised beforehand has now diminished entirely.  All that’s changed is that now I’m spending ten dollars a month for what is essentially the discontinuation of that practice:not, arguably, the beginning of a new one.  Is it really worth a hundred and twenty dollars a year?  Perhaps, for those that are earning, that figure is relatively little.  But as it happens, I’m not one of those people.

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