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Miscellaneous bits and pieces

It’s been a fairly long time since I last made a blog entry, hasn’t it?  I don’t have much time now—camp starts tomorrow and I need to sleep—and I haven’t had much time recently either.  And in all honesty, I haven’t had that much to write about.

In fact, the past fifteen days could well be the longest I’ve ever gone without blogging (or second longest—I haven’t checked).  I seem to have lost my will to rant, perhaps, or I just haven’t had anything to rant about.  I’m going round in circles, now, aren’t I?  What follows is a general recount, in no particular order, of what’s kept me on my feet so much.

First, I’ve begun a stage one maths paper at university, which until I got extra study periods by dropping a school subject, took up a fair amount of time.  The upside is that the content’s far, far more interesting than anything I’ve ever encountered at school (though I suppose that’s to be expected).  I’m also meant to have been keeping up with the timeline for Chemistry Olympiad study, but I’ve done a rather poor job of that.  That, and the fact that uni lectures don’t stop when I go on camp, means I’ll have to bring the stuff with me.  Oh well.  It could be worse.  It could be boring.

Then, I’ve been running around trying to push student council elections forward.  This isn’t so easy when it seems to be at the bottom of each house leader’s priority list.  The meeting that was meant to be on Friday is now set for Monday week, and even then I’ll only be expecting four of sixteen elected representatives.  What I haven’t had (interestingly) is much to do with the board of trustees, largely because, since December, there’s been not that much to do: after all, it is the end/beginning of the year.

I’ve had a long array of other things on my to-do list, other school subjects being one of them, and learning to swim being another.  About learning to swim—camp starts tomorrow and I can’t quite swim twenty-five metres, but I can swim twenty.  And apparently, I’ve been able to tread water for the past seven years!  I’ve finished all my eight swimming lessons, and I now know what I’m doing when I’m swimming—I just need to practice.  I might not have made my goal, but I’m still feeling rather proud of myself.

The list does go on further, but I will cut it short there for want of time (I need to go to bed) and quicker recall.  I’m not feeling too stressed yet—but I’m getting the feeling I’m not giving myself enough time to not do anything, which’ll need to change.  As for that go-to-bed New Year’s resolution I had, well, as you can see by the timestamp on this post, it’s not working.  And the driving, well, haven’t made any progress.  (Come to think of it, I haven’t started piano lessons either.)  Anyway, that was my excuse for a blog today.  Should probably get some decent sleep before camp!

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  1. L #

    What maths paper are you enrolled for in Uni? Math150? Please say Maths150

    5 March 2007

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