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And two months after that, I’m back on it…

Even what I thought were conservative practices, it seems, weren’t enough to keep my mobile phone spending to a reasonable level.  Okay, maybe they weren’t that conservative.  Relative, perhaps, to how I went in the summer, but perhaps I wasn’t strict enough on myself.

I didn’t last, and two days ago, I gave up: I have now committed myself again to seeing my balance drop ten dollars a month in return for more text messages than I’ll need in four.

It went like this: in the two months from when the term started, my balance dropped no less than twenty-five dollars, and in the month preceding Monday, I spent a good fifteen.  Not all of those were on Vodafone-Vodafone texts: there were several text messages to Telecom phones and the odd call (which now costs me thirty cents more per minute), but I have concluded that the drops are significant enough for me to be better off paying the ten-dollar monthly fee.

Inevitable, you say.  How could I even think to take that chance in the first place?  I’ll concede that fifty messages is a low threshold: I acknowledged it then.  In my first month, though, I almost managed: I spent a total of ten dollars and fifty cents in the first month after the term started, and given that there were probably a few calls or messages to Telecom in there, I’d say I did alright.  The second month—ironically perhaps—was where usage started to go up, and it seems perhaps that even to only message where I actually need to cannot keep me under the fifty-message barrier.

But I would never have known unless I tried.  For all I knew then, it could’ve worked: I wasn’t so confident as to switch back to Motormouth, just in case, this happened.

Having two thousand messages at my disposal, it will be tempting to use them freely and without restraint; however, this must not turn out to be the case.  Being constantly on my mobile phone is not a habit I especially want, not least of all when I’m supposed to be in the middle of something.  Therefore, this will not be a compromise of the relative but inadequate conservatism of the past two months.  That principle will continue; all that will change is that I will no longer spend more than ten dollars on it.

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