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Three years of a blog’s sake: in review

When I began this blog on this day three years ago, I had no idea where I was going to go with it.  In fact, I didn’t even know how long I would last, as over-committed and self-undisciplined as I was.  By the time the first anniversary came round, I had written 81 entries, and the blog had started to develop into what it is today.  Progression through my senior high school years meant busier times, and so less time to write: in this blog’s second year, I made 67 entries, and in the third, 25, leading to the 173 posts that comprise the blog today.  I was so busy, in fact, that, towards the end of last year I wrote about things I would have written about if had had time, and there were a good number of them.  But a much lighter workload in my first few months of university haven’t seemed to help much.

By the way, a list of my most memorable posts of the last three years is at the bottom of this post, in case you wanted to skip the next three paragraphs on how I see the blog’s progression, both until now and from now.

The chart below shows how each category has grown over three years, and provides an interesting tool for reflecting on the blog’s development.  The first year saw more posts in the School category than any other, though this habit lasted little longer: most posts in the last two years have been the commentaries I wrote on every national school exam I sat (shown by stairwell shape of the blue line), and naturally, there have been no additions since I left school at the end of last year.  News and politics took over as largest category towards the end of the second year.  My strong interest in the NCEA and NZ Scholarship debate has been reflected in the 22 posts in that category, and aside from Miscellaneous, all the other categories have had only the occasional post.


(posts after 1, 2, 3 years)

News and politics (14, 39, 50)

School (22, 34, 41)

Miscellaneous (13, 24, 26)

NCEA and NZ Scholarship (14, 20, 22)

Mathematics and Science (5, 10, 10)
Computers and Internet (3, 5, 8)
Sport (2, 7, 7)
Music (3, 6, 6)
Entertainment (3, 3, 3)

Like most blogs, opinions have been behind the vast majority of posts, from the very beginning.  Some of them have probably raised a few eyebrows, even if they are without comments on this blog—one that springs to my mind was my commentary on the peer mediation programme at my school (June 2006).  But I tend to think of the one about intelligent design in October 2005 as the one that began somewhat frequent commentary on current political issues, which most posts in the last few months have centred around—indeed, of all my categories, News and politics has grown the most steadily.  It is almost through this blog that my political opinions have developed, as I’ve made myself at least attempt to reason them rationally.

With this in mind, I’ve been asking myself if it’s worth separating this blog into two, the second hosted on a (pure) blogging site and dedicated to political issues.  It would free this blog of such pollution, and it would also make space for posts on other, simpler issues, issues that non-political people might find more interesting.  Integrating political opinions, often strong ones, in the same blog as commentaries comparing songs (September 2006) and thinking about Facebook (September 2007) doesn’t quite feel right.  The flipside of course, is having to maintain two blogs, and the risk of neglecting one of them (probably this one—though I would like to think the split will allow me to make posts more accessible topics here).  What do you think—should I press ahead with the split?

No anniversary review, of course, can be complete without a list of some of my most memorable posts of the last few years.  Of course, the selection of these posts is purely subjective, and is based on what I enjoyed writing, still remember writing, and still like looking over when I dig through the archives now, for various reasons.  I’ve only picked a handful so it’s by no means an exhaustive list.  Interestingly, posts from 2007 seem to be missing from this list.


  • Ten things NCEA has taught me (25 January 2008)
    My final post on NCEA before starting university, this post reflects on what NCEA was for students who actually had to do it.  It puts aside the political football, the debates, the shoulds and shouldn’ts, and just spells out what I hope was an amusing take on what we will remember—or at least, what I will remember—as NCEA.
  • Bebo cannot hold in the face of Facebook (5 January 2008)
    In a nutshell: why Bebo sucks, and why you should join Facebook.  New Zealand is now the only country that still has more Bebo traffic than Facebook, even the UK and Australia have moved on!  This post is an analysis of what makes Facebook so superior.
  • Anti-Catholic prejudice and Hell promotion doesn’t help safe sex (22 December 2006)
    A nice controversial one, and hotly debated—but this post contains a defence of the Catholic Church, which, coming from me, is very rare indeed.  It was back when Hell Pizza distributed condoms to advertise their pizza.
  • 2007 school uniform policy, and where to from here (9 December 2006)
    This was my third of three posts on the school uniform issue, which marked the beginning of my term as student trustee.  (This post contains links to the other two at the bottom.)  It occupied a lot of my mind at the time, and was expectedly a major issue among students, with changes on the way that many didn’t approve of.
  • U + Ur Hand, 4ever (mind the pun) (5 September 2006)
    A comparison of these two songs, because they sound so similar—and indeed, they are almost identical.  Same harmonic sequence and same key, but it gets better—they have the same melodic pattern as well!  No wonder, when I heard one for the first time, I thought I was listening to a mucked-up version of the other.
  • Kids at a soccer match (2 October 2005)
    A group of young children at the Knights vs. Adelaide match I went to see were being particularly unsportsmanlike (and annoying), yelling at the referee and players like they knew better.  I explain my disapproval of such behaviour at a such a young age.
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  1. Klodianemperor #

    Don\’t split it up. This blog will become awfully out of date otherwise. I personally don\’t think that you will end up writing many posts here otherwise. Then it\’ll get taken over by one of three things; the Tamil Tigers, the CIA, or monkeys wearing eyepatches. We certainly DON\’T want that.

    21 July 2008

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