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Debatekeeper is a timekeeper for debate speeches for Android phones. It rings bells automatically at the right times, so judges can say goodbye to awkwardly missing the one-minute bell and suddenly realising that the opposition’s been trying to offer a point of information for the last thirty seconds.

Debatekeeper supports most major parliamentary styles of debating, including British Parliamentary, Australs, World Schools, Asian Parliamentary, Australian, American Parliamentary, Canadian Parliamentary (including PMRE/split opp) and all New Zealand styles.  You can also write your own debate formats, see here for details.

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  • Rings bells automatically at the correct times
  • Can vibrate and/or flash the screen at bell times
  • Configurable preparation timer
  • Configurable overtime bells
  • Points of information timer (15 seconds)
  • Supports most parliamentary styles
  • Supports user-defined debate styles
  • Browse through summaries of available styles
  • Includes two “test formats” with 15-20 second “speeches” for you to try it out
  • Counts up or down according to user preference
  • Screen stays on and dimmed while timer running (you can turn this off though)
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