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To-do list for future releases

This is a list of ideas for features that I might (or might not) include in future releases of the Debatekeeper app.

Features (of functionality)

  • Have “profiles” of settings.
    By default, include a “debater” profile and an “adjudicator” profile.  A “profile” is just a collection of settings that can be saved and restored collectively.  “Debater” would be in silent mode with flash screen and full screen colour, “adjudicator” would be in non-silent mode without flash screen and with top bar coloured only.
  • Share debate format XML files.
    In the “Debate styles” screen, add an ability to share a custom format with other people, e.g. using Bluetooth, e-mail or any other app that can ordinarily be used to share files.
  • Optionally display a screen at the end of the debate showing all speaker times.
    This would be turned on or off in Settings.
  • Record points of information.
    Keep track of how many POIs are offered by and to each speaker, with a series of buttons that you press, one for each speaker on the opposing side. This might not work if there are too many buttons to fit on the screen. Also, it might just be a bad idea, compared to using pen and paper for this purpose.
  • Allow bigger range for editing time.
    At the moment you can only do times that could be a time of day, i.e. between 00:00 and 23:59. Change this to use number pickers rather than a conventional time picker, so that we can do any range, including negative.

User interface

  • Optionally colour the entire screen, as opposed to just the top bar.
    This would make the periods easier to see at a glance from a distance.
  • Colour the buttons according to what they do.
    So Start and Resume would be green, Stop would be red, and so on.


Version 1.0

  • Revise the debate format XML format.
    The new format would use elements more than attributes, more in line with “good” XML practice.

Version 0.7

  • Time points of information.
    This would apply to debates where a new XML element <poisallowed time=”15″> is defined, but only if the feature is turned on by the user in Settings.  I might allow the user also to override the time specified in the debate format file.  There would be another button on the screen that, when pressed, starts the counter and sounds a buzzer (not a bell) after the allowed POI time has elapsed.

Version 0.6

  • Make the screen flash like a strobe flash.
  • Swipe left and right to switch between speakers.
    Left goes to previous speaker, right goes to next speaker.  But you can’t do this while a timer is running.
  • Edit the time by long pressing it.
    Tap anywhere else to save.
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